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Here at Leider English School in Utrecht, The Netherlands we help you to develop your English speaking and improve yourself. All our courses focus on developing English speaking for use in real life.

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In our programs we focus on speaking but you will develop all your English skills. This can be for work, study or for you general English communication.

We have online and regular English courses on different levels.The teachers are experienced and are always there to support your development. You can trust in their experience and personal skills to bring your English to the next level. We always create a warm and friendly atmosphere and the classes are  interactive, communicative and enjoyable.

Speak-Up Courses

English Speak Up Program
Speak Up courses

In these courses you will improve your speaking skills and bring them to the next level. You will also learn new vocabulary and many new language forms. You will certainly improve your comprehension of English language texts, your grammar and your listening skills.

Intensive Courses

Do you only have a shorter period in which you can study? Or would you would like to improve faster?

Then the Intensive Speak-Up course is suitable for you.

Focus Speaking Course

All the classes are full of speaking practice and speaking development.

You will learn many new language skills, grammar, and new vocabulary, but all the material we use and the practice we do is aimed at improving your fluency and confidence in speaking.

Private Study

Do you need individual practice or more flexibility in your study schedule?

Then studying privately can be a good option for you.

With a private class you will get the full attention of a professional teacher and together you can work on any specific area of your language that needs improvement.

Job Interview

A job interview training course is a very useful way of preparing you for a job-interview and for improving your resume.

It is a role-play based course where we will simulate your real job interview.

Business English Courses

  • Do you want to connect with your customers on a more professional level?
  • Would you like to improve your conversation skills while you are in a meeting?
  • Or do you need to write emails faster and methodically correct?

These issues and all other relevant business communication skills are the focus of our business English courses.

Leider English School in Utrecht, The Netherlands