Live online courses

Speak-Up courses. Master your Speaking. Learn to Speak like a Native in our Digital Classroom!

In our Speak-Up courses you will learn authentic English; real communication. You learn the way English is really spoken!

The courses are live online classes with complete digital material. You can join the classes from anywhere in the world by using Google Meetings. We use a digital schoolboard for explanations, chat-functions for communication, and any kind of audio, document or video can be presented live in the digital classroom. To keep the classes effective there is a maximum of eight students per class.

Setup for All Courses

  • 8 weeks/2 classes per week/2 hours
  • Total study-time per week is 4 hours of classroom time + 6 hours of self-study.
  • In every class 1,5 hour is spend on speaking practice and speaking development. We use 30 minutes for checking the homework and special activities
  • After every class all enrolled students will receive a link to download a complete set of answers and a link to view the class again. This will be accessible for 8 weeks
  • Students can connect and support each other every day in our course social network
  • Students can connect with their teacher every day to ask questions or discuss specific problems by classroom chat
  • Students have to do special assignments to get out of their comfort zone

All courses and levels have:

  • Attractive photos and visuals to support your learning;
  • Lots of interesting material to improve your listing and exiting video material in collaboration with the BBC;
  • Plenty of new vocabulary exercises;
  • Grammar/language function exercises for all the important parts of the grammar with lots of extra practice;
  • Vocabulary;
  • Separate Language bank at the back of the book with all the language parts you learned;
  • Separate Photo bank to learn vocabulary;
  • Communication bank;
  • Pronunciation.

For the speaking practice you will do:

  • Roll play exercises (always fun);
  • Pronunciation exercises on sentence stress, word stress, correct ways of asking questions;
  • Speak-out exercises like listening and recognising key words;
  • Listening for the gist or for specific information;
  • Comprehension exercises;
  • Learn to- exercises where you learn new language functions;
  • And many more things.

The student’s book is a completely integrated e-book an You will have:

  • A digital version of the student’s book, so you can work ‘Wherever You Are’;
  • Answers and support materials to most of the exercises
  • Audio and video at the point of use;
  • User-friendly navigation;
  • You can make digital notes on every page

N.b. To work with the online material you need a laptop or Chromebook.

We offer eight courses on four Levels

  1. Elementary (A1-A2) Course 1
  2. Elementary (A1-A2) Course 2
  3. Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1) Course 1
  4. Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1) Course 2
  5. Intermediate (B1-B1+) Course 1
  6. Intermediate (B1-B1+) Course 2
  7. Intermediate-Plus (B1+ – B2) Course 1
  8. Intermediate-Plus ( B1+ -B2 ) Course 2

NB. It takes two eight-week courses to complete the level.

You can click on the link below for samples of the e-book on all levels. Click here.

Every level has two courses:

Course one: price 199 euro (this price includes the completely digital study material for course 1+2)

Course: two: price 199 euro. (this price includes the completely digital study material for course 1+2)

Package for two courses 350 euro(includes material)

All our courses and materials are aligned with the Global Scale of English

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