Speak-Up Pre-Intermediate A2-B1-

The Next Step

If you already have the elementary English level this course will bring you to the point of basic proficiency. It is the course that cements your basic English skills and that gives you more independence in standard situations.

In this course you will expand your knowledge again with a 1000 new words and key phrases and it builds the foundation for your professional English speaking. You develop your speaking, grammar listening and writing skills for social and professional situations. You will become more effective as an English speaker and gain confidence in your abilities to act in more developed situations.

There are classes on developing social skills, society, telephoning, technology, fitness, money and on business skills. We will work more on your writing skills and communication techniques. The classes will be more interactive and you learn to “Stand on your own.”

Your classes.

You will get lots and lots of opportunities to speak. You will get practical instructions and work in small groups, in pairs or with your teacher on assignments and discuss your homework. You will develop your speaking, reading, writing and listening until B1- level.

The teachers.

Our teachers are always experienced and trained professionals. They understand your individual learning needs and style and they motivate and guide you in the learning process. Their aim is to teach you all the practical English language skills you need to live and work. There is an open and friendly atmosphere in all our classes and students work together under close supervision from the teacher.

The result.

You can understand most main points when people speak clearly. You can understand most familiar things that regularly come back like work, school, travelling and leisure.You can understand most texts about everyday or work-related matters. You can understand the descriptions of events, wishes and feelings on most occasionsWhen travelling, you can communicate about all necessary matters. You can participate in most unprepared daily conversations.You start to write a simple coherent text and write personal letters describing your experiences and impressions.

Practical Information.

We teach using the full digital method “Speak-out” Pre-Intermediate.

You need two 8-week courses to complete the level.

To improve you will have to do about 2-3 hours of homework per class. The teacher will monitor your progress and discusses this with you.

Duration: 8 weeks/16 classes of 2 hours/two times per week.

Total workload is 10 hours per week. There is 4 hours of classroom time + 6 hours of self study.

Group size:  maximum 8 students

What is my level?

If you are not sure which level you have to study you can make an appointment to do a placement test. Our teachers will discuss the results and advise you on the best course. Please contact us here.

Certificate and progress assessment

All students that have attended at least 80% of the classes will receive a certificate. Next to that the teacher will hold an interview with you at the end of the course to asses your progress. You will receive a progress report with your achievements and recommendations on areas that you still need to improve. Then you will know how to move to the next level.